SBLC & Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee & Standby Letter of Credit Providers. We are widely recognized for our bespoke financial services specially designed for your Standby letter of credit SBLC & BG need.

SBLC & Bank Guarantee Providers

Bank Guarantee & Standby Letter of Credit Providers. We are widely recognized for our bespoke financial services specially designed for your Standby letter of credit SBLC & BG need.

About Us

We are M0M1M6 Investment Group Limited, a professionally managed, responsible and ethical company, determined to be widely recognized for our bespoke financial services specially designed for your Bank Guarantee BG and Standby Letter of credit SBLC need. Either for lease or purchase. We ensure our work has lasting benefit by developing a close bond with our clients and being deeply committed to their success when it comes to delivering bank guarantees and standbly letter of credit either for credit enhancement or as a payment gurantee. We take a very hands-on approach to our work and collaborate across all levels of client organizations, We understand that real, sustainable impact is always our end goal, and that only by working closely with our clients can we achieve this level of change. We roll up our sleeves and fully partner with our clients.


Our Services

issuing: Lease and Sale of Financial Instrument (Bank Guarantee (BG) And Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) from AAA rated banks.
Direct Pay Letter of Credit (DPLC) funding
BTC exchange (Bitcoin Sale) at competitive price
Monetization of Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) and Bank guarantee (BG) from AAA rated banks
Private Placements – Customized and cost-effective medium-term financing to help quickly maximize profits.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of credit facilities/credit enhancement solutions in this new business order. We work directly with high connected and HNWI who are well versed in this type of transactions for successful closing. Most important part is that, we are direct providers of financial instrument with over 15 years experience and over 200 closed transactions and counting working with different soverign entities and meeting their financial needs.

Who we are

We have built great track record supporting funds to pursue opportunities in financial service sector and similar industries across borders. Our team is comprised of professionals with deep expertise drawn from wealth and asset management, corporate and Institutional Banking. We engages in delivering strategic financial services to leading firms within their respective specialist industries.

We listen and solve your business
finance needs.

Working with different Family Offices and contracted third-parties we have been able to provide a range of acquisition and funding solutions in various market sectors, which is supported by a market leading financial modelling team. Several projects has been completed over the years to raise funds in excess of $10Billion through individuals, corporations, FTSE listed companies, investment funds, family offices among other financial investors by the way of debt/equity which is all focused around the quality of revenue streams. Our funding revolves around wide range of solutions and various debt instruments including but not limited to debt products (fixed and index linked), capital market solutions, subordinated debts, bridge funding which has all been achieved by our expertise in opportunity identification, strategic due diligence (aquirer and vendor), post-transaction optimization strategies, fund management and most importantly, valuation advice. Our discipline is always strategically placed to identify and evaluate opportunities to obtain superior returns at closing of every transaction.


Standby Letter Of Credit (SBLC) And Bank Guarantee (BG)

The lease and purchase of bank/financial instruments in form of Standby Letter of Credit popularly known as SBLC and Bank Guarantee popularly known as BG from us is achieved through what is referred to as “Transfer of collateral” or “Collateral transfer”.
The mechanism is activated when a client approach us as the provider to issue a BG or SBLC in return for a return/contract fee.

Monetization Of Bank Instrument:

This simply involves converting a bank instrument (Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit) into liquid cash/legal tender mainly for purpose of project funding. The pre-exquisite for any bank instrument to be monetized remains that such Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) must be issued by a well rated bank. In issuing such instrument, it must be a negotiable instrument.

Private Placement Programs.

This is often referred to as PPP or PPIP. The main aim of every PPP is to create wealth and the first thing every client needs to understand that in this new age, Private placement programs are transactions of privilege and before you are invited into such programs, you must have gone through rigorous due diligence by any trader who puts you in such program. PPP creates wealth through anticipated profit.

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